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Jonny Blackwood

Jonny Blackwood has been a guitarist and repair tech for over two decades.

His love of guitars began in his youth on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, where his interests in guitar electronics and customization eventually led to building guitars.

In his early 20s, he started working in a guitar store owned by a highly respected luthier, who’s tech credits include INXS, Metallica, Bryan Adams, Kd Lang and Aerosmith. From this time forward, he began learning the craft of setup and repair by a true master.

Over the years he has worked on thousands of guitars, studying all aspects of the trade and becoming an authorized technician for every major brand in the industry and awarded several factory designated certifications.

Since 2009, he has been teaching guitar repair and maintenance through group and private classes, corporate staff training, client literature, and his popular books, including the Amazon best-selling title, How to Setup Your Guitar Like A Pro: An Easy Guide for Beginners.”

He is currently writing and publishing new material that breaks down the barriers between repairing, maintaining, and playing the guitar.