How to Build & Setup Guitar Kits Like a Pro

How to Build & Setup Guitar Kits Like a Pro: An Easy Guide for Bolt-On Neck Guitars (ebook/paperback)

“A one-stop-shop for all the electric guitar building basics you need to know.”


Part of Jonny Blackwood’s “Easy Guide” Series, “How to Build and Setup Guitar Kits like a Pro” is a clear, concise, step-by-step guitar assembly manual written for those with little-to-no guitar building experience. Learn how to build a bolt-on neck electric guitar (or bass) with simple instructions and over 130 photos. You will gain the understanding needed to assemble and set up guitar kits with great results!



Included in the book:
  • A 9-step method on assembling bolt-on style guitars
  • Tips and tricks to save you time and headaches
  • Guidance on sanding, finishing & more
  • Proper soldering technique explained
  • Scale length explained
  • Guitar electronics explained
  • How to effectively shield the instrument
  • Popular wiring modification suggestions
  • Online wiring and setup methods from Fender guitars and others
  • Simple guitar setup instructions for strat and tele-style guitars
  • How to restring the guitar properly
  • How to adjust truss rods for optimal neck bow
  • How to shim necks and adjust neck tilt
  • How to adjust bridge angle on tremolo equipped guitars
  • How to adjust intonation
  • How to file nut slots and more!

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