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Acoustic Guitars in Winter

Guitars are commonly manufactured in climate-controlled plants, usually somewhere at 47%-54% relative humidity. This is the environment it was made to be in and live out its life. If it’s changed, the guitar may not respond well! Winters can be…

Are Your Frets Worn?

These frets have big, deep divots from many hours of playing all over the neck. Fret wear like this can produce fret buzz as well as poor tone and intonation. Frets eventually wear out, and that’s when it’s time for…

About Nut Replacements

A pretty common repair job is to replace a broken, worn, or improperly cut nut on a guitar and bass, although many people are under the false impression that it’s a simple replacement and will just easily “pop into place.”…

The Importance of a Guitar Setup

Setups and Adjustments The difference between a great playing guitar and a lousy one… is quite often as simple as a setup. Have you ever had a great setup done on your guitar? It’s amazing what a few adjustments can…